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Treatment carried out by Dr Alina Lazar


Dr. Alina Lazar
Vorderer Alter Berg 22
76327 Pfinztal


Minimally invasive preparation treatment

In this case, the patient – a 47-year-old female – approached the practice after finding us on the internet. She came to me because she was not satisfied with the shape, the colour and the position of their teeth. The patient had a great cold sensitivity.
We opted for the Smile Design Step by Step

Expander and IAS Inman Aligner Treatment

The first step needed to achieve the intended outcome was to complete a full orthodontic treatment. As the patient wanted an effective, safe and minimally invasive solution to anterior alignment, she opted for the IAS Inman Aligner. Although the initial examination showed no abnormalities, the model analysis and Spacewize+™ arch evaluation software calculations revealed that 1,8mm

Following professional tooth cleaning, the patient was shown how to use and remove the IAS Inman Aligner appliance and was instructed to wear this for18 hours a day. Interproximal reduction (IPR) was also performed progressively every three weeks throughout the course of the IAS Inman Aligner treatment. Once the desired outcome was achieved on the upper anteriors, a fixed retainer Venners from 14 to 24.


At this time the patient also had a filling (class five) and performed home bleaching with Opalescence® PF 10%, which was followed by the use of Relief Oral Care Gel to reduce the sensitivity caused by the whitening treatment. An individual vacuum-formed template was created to help guide tooth preparation. Essentially, the digital smile design allowed me to create a virtual mock-up, which was applied to a plaster model, and ultimately improved the effectiveness of treatment planning.

Veneers, Non-Prep Veneers and Crown Lengthening

The next step was to direct mock-up with composite. It was at this point that photographs were taken to monitor the development of the treatment process. It was very rewarding to see the patient become emotional as she realised the changes that were being achieved.

Once the digital smile design analysis and mock-up were complete, only the finishing touches were left. The initial part of this was crown lengthening to 21 which took place at the same time as the preparation. Shortly after, non-preparation veneers were placed on 14, 24 and veneers were placed on 13- 23. and an IPS e.max Press from Ivoclar Vivadent was used on the incisors – the MT Ingots chosen were A1 and were modified using both the cut-back and layering technique

After the anterior alignment, bleaching, mock-up and finishing treatments, the process was complete and both the patient and I were very happy with the final results.

Author Bio:

Dr. Alina Lazar has been practising dentistry since 1994 and founded ‘Praxis Dr. Alina Lazar’ in Germany in 2001. She completed further qualifications to become a Specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry in 2012 and a certified provider of the IAS Inman Aligner in 2013. Since 2013 Digital Smile Design certified provider. Alina also completed the IAS Advanced training course in 2014 to develop her knowledge and skills in anterior alignment. 2016 February - case of the month in IAS Forum. 2016 September - IAS Advanced Ortho Restorative

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