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Treatment carried out by Dr Finn Andre Hammer


Farmannsgate 2, Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Norway

Tel:+47 69368800

Author bio:
• Graduated from the University in Oslo 1995
• Started up my own private practice in Fredrikstad, Norway in 1998
• Started Fredrikstad Private Tannhelsesenter in 2010,together with Dr.Kai Hannestad, a mixed private dental office with specialized and general dentists.
• Member of NTF,SAED and AACD
• Member of the IAS Academy,Inman Aligner instructor in Norway
• Worked with Inman Aligner since 2011 and Clear Smile Aligner/Invisalign since 2015
• Lecturing aesthetic composite classes and workshops in Norway.

About the case:
• 32 year old lady called for an orthodontic assessment after she had seen Inman Aligner on my website
• Never had ortho before
• Shows a lot of her upper teeth when smiling.
• Not happy with her upper front teeth and smile.
• Good posterior occlusion,Angle Kl.I
• UR1 tipped mesial over UL1, that is palatinal in the bow.
• Minor lower crowding, that doesn't concern her

Orthodontic assessment:
• Good lateral occlusion ,Frontal crowding
• X-ray studied and no pathology or risk factors were found
• We discussed optional treatment with fixed ortho, Clear Aligners before we decided to treat the upper jaw with Inman Aligner
• We also discussed the risk of “Black Triangle” UR1/UL1 because of the tipped UR1 over UL1
• Inman Aligner was chosen because of the fast treatment time.
• I selected a standard Inman Aligner with an ex.screw to speed up and “unlock “ the teeth
• Treatment time was estimated to 14-16 weeks

• Clinical and x-ray examination
• Planned the treatment with Spacewize and digital SetUp from Esbjerg lab.
• Since I have worked a lot with Inman Aligners, I didn't use the forum help on this case
• Next appointment checked the fit of the aligner.IPR and PPR and putting on the palatinal buttons
• When UL1 was aligned out in the bow, buccal buttons was placed .
• Bleaching with White Dental beauty 30 min for 7 day very happy s the last period of the treatment.
• Total treatment time ended at 12 weeks.
• Patient very happy with the treatment

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