Case of the month by Dr Rhona Eskander

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Treatment carried out by Dr Rhona Eskander


Chelsea Dental Clinic
298 Fulham road
SW10 9EP

The case presented to me due recommendation. The patient wanted straighter, nicer teeth. He had a tumour in his palate as a child and did not want fixed braces. Since he could not take off his obturator I thought the Inman aligner would be perfect. It's removable, quick and will achieve anterior alignment: the only challenge was where to put the clasps on the Inman. They are usually placed on the 6's but due to the obturator the design had to be modified. I contacted Tif and got some support from him. We decided to try the clasps on the 4's. Nimrodental helped with a digital set up: the patient wore the appliance for 3 months. Then we used a diode laser to create better gingival harmony. Composite bonding was applied to create the best aesthetic result and a fixed bonded retainer was placed palatally at the end.  

Patient testimonial

'Before meeting Rhona and her team I'd been led to believe that my options were quite limited when it came to straightening my teeth. Up to that point my Obturator had seemed like a barrier to attaining the perfect smile. Thanks to Rhona's ingenuity and my specially adapted Inman aligner I was able to achieve my desired result with minimal impact or disruption to everyday life'.

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